I forgot may personal password. How do I do to change it?

If you have forgotten your password, request to resend it by clicking the button "can't you access your account?" on the login screen.

How can I register at the Amigo Loyalty Program?

The registry can be made through the website. You will receive an e-mail confirming the registry with your Amigo Number. Click here and register.

Who can participate in the Amigo Loyalty Program?

Individuals older than 2 years old, who have a valid CPF. In case of minors, their parents are responsible for their registry, however the registered shall have his own CPF

How do I do to update my Amigo Registry?

To update your registry, make your login through your Amigo number, e-mail or CPF and your personal password. Access in your menu "Registry Change".Be attentive. To change name and (or) e-mail, you shall send an e-mail to: with copies of your RG [Brazilian Official ID], CPF [Individual Taxpayer Registry] or CNH [Driver's License].


How can I proceed to earn points?

You can provide your Amigo number at the time of booking your flight with Avianca in Brazil or with any of our partners or at the time of the check-in

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How can I do to request points of trips already made?

Credits related to trips made with Avianca in Brazil, or with some partner airline, can be requested through the option "Request Points" of the menu of your Amigo account, or by the Customer Service Department. You shall provide the name of airline, flight number, date of flight, origin and final destination. The period to request retroactive credits is of 12 months as of the date of the flight made, pursuant to the Program Regulation. Only flights made after the registry at the Amigo Loyalty Program can be credited in your account.

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How many points do I earn flying with Avianca in Brazil?

The earning may vary according to the fare acquired and the card category.

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What is the validity period of my points?

Your points earned available for use are valid for 24 months (2 years), corresponding to the total points earned in a certain activity, whether of flights, partners, adjustments or bonuses. And your qualifiable points, corresponding to the points of stay and change to the card category are valid for 12 months (1 year)

How can I check my statement?

Access your account and check your entries in "Earned Points" and "Debited Points".

When I checked my statement, I noticed that some flights were not computed. How do I do to claim these credits?

Credits related to trips made with Avianca inside Brazil (flights of code O6) can be requested through the option "Request Points" of the menu of your Amigo Account or by the Customer Service Department. The time to claim retroactive credits is of 12 months as of the date of flight made, according to the Program Regulation.We recall that some flights have restrictions to earn points, according to the route and/or class, and/or fare acquired. In case of doubsts, please contact us through our Customer Service Department.

Can I use my points to issue an Amigo ticket in the name of my friends or family members

Yes, you may request tickets in your name or whoever you wish.

Can I earn points from flights which were not flown by me?

No. The flights will have points earned only if the holder of the Amigo Loyalty Program is the passenger and complete the flight.


Is there a period to book Amigo ticket?

There is no period to issue Amigo tickets, the issuance is imediate to the booking.

After the issuance of my ticket with points of Amigo Program, can I make some change to date or have a refund?

You are not allowed to make any change to tickets issued with points. However, you may have the refund which is liable to the payment of administrative fees. See the fare rules at the time of issuance. It should be noted that points used to redemption and that are expired at the time of requesting refund shall not be refunded. If you have any questions please call (11) 4004-4040.

If my name on the ticket is different from my registry, can I earn the points even though?

No. If the name on the ticket is different from the data registered at the Amigo Loyalty Program, the points will be denied. The name on the ticket shall be the same as the registry name. For this reason, remember to provide your Amigo number at the time of purchasing your ticket avoiding changes to names.

What do I consider as Segment Flown?

At the Amigo Loyalty Program, segment is considered a trip effectively flown from its origin to its final destination, not contemplating possible stops or connections.


Are the Amigo Loyalty Program of Avianca in Brazil and the Life Miles Program of International Avianca integrated? With the entrance of Avianca in Brazil?

Both programs are independent, however they are part of the same alliance, Star Alliance, customers from both programs are allowed to redeem and earn points between them.

What are partner airlines which are members of Star Alliance?

They are all those airlines in which they are part of a global aliance, which Avianca in Brazil has been part since July 22nd of 2015. As of this date, all customers of the AMIGO Loyalty Program can redeem and earn points with all these companies. The complete list of airlines which are members can be obtained through the website

Amigo card

When will I receive my AMIGO card?

Your physical definitive AMIGO card is only sent you after reaching the Silver category of the loyalty program that you wish this category flying with Avianca or with an airline belonging to the Star Alliance network.

How many Amigo card categories are there?

Since March 30th of 2015, there have been four card categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond.

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