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Now you can earn AMIGO points even when you are relaxing at your hotel. With the partnership between the AMIGO Program and the online hotel chain you can earn AMIGO points when you book your reservation*. is a global online hotel booking portal where travelers can earn points from reservations made throughout the year. This website offers a selection of 365,000 hotels in more than 200 countries, always ensuring the best prices.

Take advantage of this offer, make your reservation right now, and ensure your AMIGO points!



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* Points transferred from Non-airline Partners are not deemed Qualifying Points. Always check the rules of our partners before purchasing any products/services. Customers are responsible for informing their CPF and/or AMIGO number correctly to guarantee their points. The products/services purchased are under the responsibility of Partner Companies. Points will be credited within 30 days after the transfer request. See the rules, conditions, and minimum transfer scores at