Know the Partner:

With this partnership, you can earn AMIGO points even faster!

Roncato, an Italian brand of suitcases and travel accessories, is a leader in sales in Europe and operates in over 80 countries!

Customers registered with the Roncato Club earn up to 200 Amigo points* for purchases made on the hotsite of the partnership between the AMIGO Program and Roncato. Take advantage of this and enjoy your shopping!




See below how many AMIGO points you will earn. Please note that only purchases made on this page will qualify to earn points:




If you are not registered with the AMIGO Program, click here to register!


*Points transferred from Non-airline Partners are not deemed Qualifying Points.  Always check the rules of our partners before purchasing any products/services. Customers are responsible for informing their CPF and/or AMIGO number correctly in order to guarantee their points. The products/services purchased are under the responsibility of Partner Companies.  Points will be credited within 60 days after the receipt of information from Partners, exclusively for purchases made using the link shown on this page, as long as the CPF number is correctly given and the payment is confirmed.  Points will be calculated according to the net value of products purchased.  Freight expenses, interest, gift packages and taxes will not be valid for accumulating points. Some products may be excluded from total points without prior notice.  Points will not be credited in the event that the product is returned or the order is cancelled.  Purchases made in Apple’s physical stores will not qualify to receive points.