Earn Points

Air Partners

As of July 22nd of 2015, with the AMIGO Loyalty Program, you can earn points when you travel with airlines which are members of Star Alliance¹. The points earned with our Star Alliance member partners are valid for category qualification at the AMIGO Loyalty Program, i.e., the more you travel, the more benefits you will earn.

To earn points, always provide your AMIGO number at the time of purchase or check-in to the Star Alliance member airline and ensure your points.

Click here and check the base score of each region and click here to know the countries that contemplate each region.

Each airline has a different rule to earn points concerning the class and the cabin of the flight, regions traveled, etc. Click the airline logotype below to know the number of points you can earn per segment flown in your AMIGO Loyalty Program.






Otros Aliados Aereos:

In the Programa Amigo you can also earn points when traveling with other airlines that are not a Star Alliance member, but these points are not valid for category qualification.

The accumulation of points in the Amigo can vary according to the seat class and fare class of each partner airline, and has a base score by region.



1 - Star Alliance member Airlines can change at any time and the agreements may vary with any of them.