Redeem Tickets

Air Partners

You can redeem tickets in all network of our partners which are members of Star Alliance, using your AMIGO points.

The number of points required to redeem tickets with our partners will depend on the region and cabin chosen.


Check the number of points required to issue a ticket:



Check the regions contemplated to all air partners:


To redeem your tickets* using the AMIGO points in flights of Star Alliance member partners, contact our Customer Support Department at 4004-4040 (capitals and metropolitan areas) or 0300-789-8160 (other regions).


Important information:

(1) - First or Business class cabins may not be available in some segments;

(2) - To use your points in cabin upgrade with AMIGO points, click here;

(3) - The tables of number of points required to redemption can be changed without prior notice.

(4) - Always check the fare rules for any change to tickets issued using points.


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* Seats subject to availability by class, date and destination. International Flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines. Boarding fees and / or any other fees of an administrative nature, which may be charged to the members in connection with the completion of the flight, are not included. Avianca Brasil reserves the right to change the rules and agreements with the airline partners. For refund of tickets issued with points, please contact our AMIGO service center at (11) 4004-4040.