Star Alliance

How it Works

Star Alliance was founded in 1997 for the purpose of providing frequent passengers of Airlines associated a unique experience in access to lounges, services of check-in, ticket issuance and tens of other services addressed to improve the customers travel experience, wherever they are in the world.

The Airlines which are members of Star Alliance network fly to more destinations than any other airline alliance in the world, i.e., easier trips and faster calls among all airlines. Today there are 28 members carrying nearly 654 million passengers a year in 193 countries, with a total fleet of 4.561 aircrafts and over 18.000 daily departures.

If you are a member of one of the loyalty programs of any airline which is a member of Star Alliance, you can earn and redeem points in all airlines of the network and the points earned will be used to get status and enjoy all additional benefits in any part of the world where there is an airline belonging to the alliance.

Know the airlines which are members of Star Alliance:




How to earn points and redeem tickets with members of Star Alliance.


Amigo Customers can earn and redeem tickets in any flight operated by one of the Airlines which are members of Star Alliance¹, where these points qualifty you to reach and keep your category at Amigo Loyalty Program.

Earning points at Amigo, besides the program benefits, you can also enjoy Star Alliance exclusive benefits. For further information on how to earn and the number of points you will receive in each partner, click here and know more

With Star Alliance, Amigo customers can know many places all over the world, redeeming² tickets with any of the airlines which are members of Star Alliance. For further information on how to redeem your tickets and the number of points required for each segment click here and know more.

Star Alliance benefits for Amigo customers.


Amigo Customers in the Silver, Gold and Diamond categories also receive Star Alliance benefits in the alliance with all member Airlines, receiving the Star Alliance Silver or Gold status.

To know the number of points required to reach each category and its benefits at Amigo Loyalty Program click here.

See the equivalences between Amigo and Star Alliance categories, together with their benefits:


1. The 23-kilo baggage allowance is only valid for flights operated by Avianca (code 06). For further information about additional baggage allowance with airlines, which are members of Star Alliance or with connection with them, please contact with each airline. The additional baggage allowance is not applicable to flights with airlines which are not members of Star Alliance or with connection with them. 2. Available in airports of São Paulo (GRU e CGH), Rio de Janeiro (GIG e SDU), Brasilía (BSB), Goiânia (GYN), Cuiabá (CGB), Salvador (SSA), Recife (REC), Fortaleza (FOR), Florianópolis (FLN), Petrolina (PNZ), João Pessoa (JPA), Maceió (MCZ), Natal (NAT) e Juazeiro do Norte (JDO). 3. Only valid for Gold Star Alliance customers flying with airlines which are members of Star Alliance. 4. Not valid for Star Alliance premium tickets. 5. Eligibility: Gold Status holders (including those travelling in Economy Class) or customers flying with a member airline in First Class or Business Class. Service not available to all airports. To see where this service are currently available, visit


Cabin upgrade using Amigo points


Amigo Customers can use their points to make a cabin upgrade and have access to Business and First Class in Avianca Brasil 's flights or in the flights of Star Alliance members.

To get further information on the number of points required to make your cabin upgrade with each member of Star Alliance click here and know more. 


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1 - to know all members of Alliance, access, and see the rule to earn and redeem points in each airline. 2 - The redemption of tickets using points may not be available to all segments and classes. Always check the operating airline to know the availability and classes available.